Add Liquidity

Covenant debt is traded via Uniswap V3 pools, and thus requires LPs. Users interested in LPing can do so via the Covenant front end.

On the Markets page, identify the market you are interested in LPing for and click on "Add Liquidity".

You will be redirected to the Add Liquidity widget. Note the current price of the respective market's debt token. You will most likely want to provide liquidity above and below this price. Direct you attention to the Set Price Range section in the below image. There, you can specifiy a Low Price and a High Price to provide liquidity. Enter your desired values, noticing that the Low Price dynamically updates a High Rate. Similarly, the High Price you enter dynamically updates a Low Rate. In addition to providing liquidity at dictated by price, LPs also provide liquidity dictated by rate. If you are unfamiliar with this central aspect of Covenant, we highly recommend you read the rest of the documentation. Depending on the market, you might notice that some prices you input do not update the high/low rate. Some markets have rate limits set as a parameter. You can still provide liquidity at a price beyond a given rate threshold.

Once you are satisfied with the price and rate displayed, enter your desired deposit amounts. As with LPing on the Uniswap interface, you only need to enter a value for the first asset, and the second asset, sUSD in this case, will auto-fill. Once you are satisfied with the amounts to be deposited, click "Add Liquidity" and approve the necessary transaction approvals.

With your liquidity deposited, you may want to proceed to the Positions tab to see if the market you just LPd for is currently receiving liquidity incentives. If so, also proceed to the next section, where you can learn how to Stake and Register your LP tokens to receive incentives, if available.

It's also important to note that your unstaked LP tokens will appear on Uniswap, where you can also manage them, if desired. However, staked and/or registered LP tokens will not appear under your wallet address on Uniswap, because you have transferred them to another contract address.

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